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I have my site setup with two conf files (one for SSL and one for Non-SSL ) The two confs are at this gist -> https://gist.github.com/akinsgre/9645179

The Non-SSL configuration works fine. When the URL contains autodiscover.xml, Apache returns a 404

However, the rule appears to be ignored when the request is via SSL. I'm not getting anything meaningful in my error.log, or rewrite.log either (In fact, I'm not getting anything in rewrite.log).

Can anyone help me understand why this might not be working?

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It came down to the ssl .conf file being in the location that should have had a soft link to the file that I was editing.

As soon as I fixed the link, the redirect start working.

However, the logging wasn't working because I hadn't specified the RewriteLogLevel. I"m not sure if the level has to be specified, or if the default is 0 and as a result nothing was being logged.

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