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I have a lot of 404 pages looks like that:

  • lalala/lalala/Users_PasswordReminder.aspx?something=lala
  • lilili/lilili/Users_PasswordReminder.aspx
  • /Users_PasswordReminder.aspx?username=admin
  • etc.

I want all of the URLs who have Users_PasswordReminder.aspx redirect to my main page of my domain.

how can I do that with .htaccess?

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You might have a path relative link somewhere in your pages, which causes these links to be seen. You should check your code for <a href="Users_PasswordReminder.aspx"> code and replace it with correct path absolute URL, for example <a href="/Users_PasswordReminder.aspx"> – Tero Kilkanen Mar 19 '14 at 13:54

Use this:

RedirectMatch 301 Users_PasswordReminder\.aspx http://example.com
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