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My website is ad listing for boats, boats' engines, boat rentals, etc (www.mynautics.com).

There are ads listed on multiple pages. I have finished (not jet seen on link above) pagination:

  • added prev
  • added next

On some pages (sorting, etc.) I also added canonical relation.

Now I want to add pages to sitemap generator and I am not sure if I should add all URLs for example:

  • example.com/list/page/1
  • example.com/list/page/2
  • example.com/list/page/3
  • example.com/list/page/4

Or should I just add example.com/list?

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You should include to your sitemap all the URLs you want to see in a search engine's index.

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I thought so but was not sure due to pagination stuff! Thanks for your answer! – M.V. Mar 17 '14 at 14:26

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