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Here's my case:

I got my domain from a registrar.

I got my VPS up from a provider who also offers free DNS hosting, on their own server (separately from my VPS, IP: So I got these third-party nameservers, lets name them:

  • ns1.provider.com
  • ns2.provider.com

and pointed my domain registrar to them. I let it propagate for 24 hours so I believe its ok. (if I ping my domain I get the IP for these nameservers -

Afterwards I headed to my providers cPanel (the one they gave me for the DNS hosting service) and changed the default A Record IP from to the IP associated with my VPS (IP:

The last step, as I see it, is to configure my VPS via Kloxo panel and add the domain.

Can someone guide me how can I achieve that? Is it just enough to create a new DNS Template and add as Primary DNS "ns1.provider.com" and Secondary DNS "ns2.provider.com"?

Every tutorial I found is using Kloxo to create local nameservers on the same VPS which is something I want to avoid to save resources..

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To be honest, this is a very bad idea.

For example, you have one VPS with two nameserver. (please note the idea of having 2 nameservers is that if one of the nameservers goes down the other will take over). So if your VPS goes down or starts to run slow, then you are running the risk of downing your websites. There is however, the thought that if your servers go down then your websites will be down anyway. However what if just the DNS goes down or there is a glitch with your internet, your emails will bounce as they don't have any access to the DNS records. It's much safer to leave the nameservers with your provider or your webhost.

If you do wish to continue and go ahead. The bottom section of this post will tell you what is involved in the process

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I completely agree with you on that! My bad I didnt explained it through: The free nameservers from my provider are hosted on a different server (IP: than my VPS (IP: So it's like using an external DNS like from my registrat (unfortunately they dont offer me one) or an third-party paid one. Thanks for your time - sorry for the misunderstanding. –  LePhleg Mar 13 at 13:17
No problem at all, i can't see that using an external DNS server would be an issue or that i completely follow what you are trying to achieve with this as your VPS should provide one for you if not your registrar should (i.e. godaddy, 123-reg.co.uk) –  Liam Sorsby Mar 13 at 13:34

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