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In AdWords I have 1 advert running only. The landing page includes a querystring so I can track it. EG, www.mydomain.com/products?source=CPC

I also use Google Analytics.

For February I have approx 1450 clicks in AdWords. This means, 1450 went to my website.

In Google Analytics, according to my landing page, there were only ~850 visits.

In Google Analytics, in the Acquisition -> All traffic page, it suggests that Google CPC brought 517 visits...

I know tracking tools are not 100% reliable but this figure seems to be showing something is very wrong.

How can I tell which of the figures is accurate or is this just a limitation of reporting tools?

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I phoned Google AdWords. They were certain the number shown in AdWords is accurate, and explained because it's related to a payable service, it HAD to be accurate. There is no direct contact he could give me for Analytics but, he suggested the fault was there.

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