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I am planning to buy a domain from goDaddy. I do not need any hosting/builder/email (I am planning to host on amazon ec2), all I need is just to own a domain.

But when I selected the domain of my choice, I see the following options:

enter image description here

which actually looks the same to me. So what are the differences between these two options?

I have also seen not so nice reviews about godaddy, but based on my understanding, they are more about hosting, than domain registration. Am I correct?

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Got me. I use goDaddy and did when I was a webhost so I can tell you they are an excellent company. You may be surprised by my next recommendation, but I have had good luck here too. Call 'em! Ask. I know you will get a clear and precise answer. Surprised? –  closetnoc Mar 12 at 3:29
Thanks for answering. I will try to contact them and most probably this is a right thing to do. –  Salvador Dali Mar 12 at 3:50
I am curious. Let us know what you find out. –  closetnoc Mar 12 at 3:59

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