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In the newest version of Google Analytics (2014), where do I find the conversion tracking code? The following resource doesn't tell me and I can't figure it out.


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Click on "admin" in the top menu then in the properties - the centre section - the third item down is "tracking info" click it to open and you will see "tracking code"

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Unlike AdWords there is no specific (extra) snippet that you add to pages to signify a conversion.

Analytics conversions can be much broader (up to 20 per view/profile) and, ideally, you should track macro and micro conversions.

Since you are new to this, start with an obvious one. Many sites redirect users to a "thank you" page after submitting a contact form (or if e-commerce, a 'success' page).

Under admin, go to 'view' settings, then 'goals.' Under 'Goal Setup' select 'Custom,' then (next screen) select 'Destination' and enter the relative URL of your goal (the page viewed)...for instance /thank-you/

If there is a value or a funnel you can set those up too.

There can be more to it but once you set one up the rest will come easily.

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