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i have image gallery and i am using lightbox to display images but to my surprize google ads are being shown for first 4 photos after that it is now showing . i assume that google thinks that i am reloading the same page so it shows for 4 times only i may be wrong and i feel that if i give that lightbox some url address so that google can understand that all pages are seperate then i think ads will be displayed in all images against the present 4 images. if anyone think that it can be done please tell how to do this. just using php request url will solve this issue or i have to try other way .please advise

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Adsense in lightbox is not a good idea –  krokola Mar 9 at 16:34
@krokola i know that adsense donw allows on popup but i have read adsense forum an they have written that it should not be coded such that users click on ads forcibly. as long as you are right and not forcing users to click on ads google has no issues –  Steeve Mar 9 at 17:09
Suggested by whom? Google? Can you provide link plz –  krokola Mar 9 at 17:13
@krokola i had read somewhere but it is always better to get their confirmation .started one thred here.productforums.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/adsense/… –  Steeve Mar 9 at 17:50
Well, the risk is yours. Now for the question: I think the problem is that you are reloading the adsense code every time you display the next photo. Please paste the php / js php code that you use, so we can find out why adsense is loaded again –  krokola Mar 9 at 18:01

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