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I have over 10k videos hosted on my server, and I'm using lighttpd to switch the video URLs every 2 hours because of hotlinking protection. This means that all video URLs in video sitemap is only valid for 2 hours.

I have not much experiences of programming, and this is the source i found:


After reading some comments on this question, It is possible to do that by cronjob to generate new sitemap every 2 hours.

But my another big question is, is it really important to having a video sitemap for a video website? Or i can just submit a normal sitemap.xml instead of the video sitemap?

Any suggestion or advice? Thanks!

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If the URL is frequently changing, sitemaps aren't useful for you. –  John Conde Mar 6 at 0:58
hm... If i using CDN or Wowza, can solve this problem? –  Love Mar 6 at 1:03
How would a CDN solve this problem? –  John Conde Mar 6 at 1:03
I don't know. So, which mean video sitemap only for those website with static video URL? And not for website with CDN, wowza, lighttpd..etc? Am i correct? –  Love Mar 6 at 1:08
If the URLs of your videos keep changing, regardless of source, they aren't good candidates for sitemaps. By the time the search engines read the sitemap those videos are gone. Is there any reason why the video URLs keep changing? –  John Conde Mar 6 at 1:16

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