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Google's Async adsense code loads fine even the page is loaded via ajax.

I made no changes to load the ads differently. Just added https://github.com/browserstate/ajaxify on my site to make the content loading ajaxified.

My adsense loads fine also. Does it violate any TOS.

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It is against the Google AdSense policy to reload or refresh the ads when the user has not left the page. If you ads are on a portion of the page that does not change when the user navigates with AJAX, you should be fine.

Google AdSense is not very compatible with AJAX. They started a program to test AdSense with AJAX sites but have since shut it down. The Google product help forums are full of complaints about Google Adsense not supporting AJAX.

Here is a decent post on StackOverflow about the issue: Refresh a Div that has a Google ad inside it

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