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I've updated bingplaces.com with description, images, hours of operation, secondary phone, fax, email and website.

All I see though in Bing Maps is still the address and one phone number.

Where does all of the additional information they asked for even show up?


I've now found some of this content on Bing if I type in EXACTLY the company name. It will show on the right side with company name, map, address, phone, website, and hours.

I still have no idea where, if anywhere, the logo and photos are being used though?

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Maybe you need to be patient because a validation is pending. – Zistoloen Mar 18 '14 at 15:55
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After about 2 weeks of checking every day I slowed down checking but at some point they finally did show up.

If I type in the exact name the images all show up. Additionally, I can now click on the map and it directs me to a bing.com/local/?lid.... which has all of our information, images, and contact stuff on the left then map on the right.

So if anyone else is having this issue I'd say give it a good 6 to 8 weeks for the images.

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