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Hy guys, I have an website for more than one year. (it's a blog with .com domain) I track my visitors using google analytics and I mention that I have an average of 7000 unique visitors/day. I this whole year since my blog is online I had over 2.000.000 unique visitors. BUT wit all this, my rank is 25.000.000. How is it possible? (I menion that some of my visitors came from PTC websites or traffic exchanges)

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Alexa traffic records and ranking are based on the data collected by users visiting a site using their toolbar or people with alexa widget. This is something like their business model. They want to track data so they ask you to make your own custom toolbar and ask your user to install it are place a widget on your site.

Although their ranking is becoming better and better but it is still 0 for developers who have not considered to optimize their site for Alexa Ranking.

Please note a few tips:

  1. Install their toolbar for FireFox or extension for chrome and browse your site.
  2. Place a widget on your site.
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