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In 2 ways I can show The article URL in my website: My Breadcrumbs website for a content to both of ways is this:


The First way: LINK of article : example.com/computer/hardware/cpu/this-is-an-article.html catagory 1: example.com/computer.html catagory 2: example.com/computer/hardware.html catagory 3: example.com/computer/hardware/cpu.html

THe second way: LINK of article : example.com/cpu/this-is-an-article.html catagory 1: example.com/computer.html catagory 2: example.com/hardware.html catagory 3: example.com/cpu.html

which one is the best for serach engine specialy google?

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The first way is too many directories, too many keywords, I would not suggest except if you have millions of documents. It also enlarges urls by adding 10 - 20 characters and makes them less memorable.

The second is better. You can rank for a specific word, thats nice

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tnx for answer. do you suggest me remove all categories? for example this URL:example.com/this-is-article.html is better the seond way? – user2726957 Feb 25 '14 at 22:35
Add one folder if you want to rank for that word. Do not use multiple categories, like /computer/hardware/cpu – krokola Feb 25 '14 at 22:37

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