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I bought certificate only for under the configuration for IIS 8 (on Windows Server 2012).

I have 301 redirects from to If I open the following link in a browser: , there's a certificate error.

Should I buy a new certificate or maybe there is another solution to the problem?

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Did you install the certificate and bind it to your site as covered here? Did you completely clear the cache in your browsers? There are online SSL check sites, as mentioned in the link above. – dan Feb 24 '14 at 20:37
The certificate was installed. If we go to the website we have redirect to and there is no problem with certificate. The problem is when we write in the browser- then firstly it is chcecking the certificate and the next step the redirect to is made. I installed the certificate in another way than it is presented under the link you sent me. Namely, I generated a PFX file, clicked on it twice and then installed. The next steps of the IIS8 configuration were those from the points 7 and of your link. – user3346985 Feb 25 '14 at 13:04

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I would guess you purchase a static single domain certificate which only covers the domain name and not subdomain.

Sadly, www. is a sub by certificate standards.

If that is the case I see 3 moves you could make.

1. Purchase another certificate for the www. that you never plan on using and make a redirect. (Waste of cash, forget I even mentioned it. Unless you plan on using to host content one day.

2. Leave your as it is, create a new website in your IIS name it In your basic bindings settings assign the common IP (SSL/Non SSL) using port 80 http: Save it. In the HTTP Redirect make your permanent redirect to exact destination of (or relative if you are migrating for SEO reasons.)

3. Leave both on the one binding port 80 http and the on SSL port 443. Now you'll have to work with a local redirect from to this can be done with your web.config.

My personal experience (The second option is best 2) is to take a few minutes and create a new IIS website for the and do the redirect to the But this is only true if you're planning on 301 redirects from

Your settings my be SSL "All Unassigned" if you have any issues with routing in your IIS bindings.

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You should be able to configure a different virtual host for you www version of the domain using these instructions. When the certificate is handled by a separated virtual host than the www removal redirect, it should check the certificate when redirecting.

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