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I tried to save my webpage "save as Webpage, HTML only" generated by php file. But when I save it and open it, it is blank. When I save it as "complete" then it is fine. Page is pure html/css after generating with php.

Everything from css to javascript is included into that page, none of it is called outside

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what browser are you using? which page where you saving? do you have an URL to show. I just saved this very page as html "complete" but replacing the .html extension to .php and everything was there. I'm using Firefox 27 on Linux. –  PatomaS Feb 18 at 12:45
Is the saved file of zero size? @PatomaS The OP states that "HTML Only" is the problem. However, both work OK for me on Chrome (on this very page). –  w3d Feb 18 at 15:18
I'm using chrome, page I want to show requires login. –  FosAvance Feb 18 at 20:08
Sorry for the hasty answer, I tried both options and both worked. Thanks for pointing the mistake in my comment –  PatomaS Feb 18 at 23:52
"page I want to show requires login" - I imagine this could well have something to do with it. The browser might be making a second request for the page and failing authentication? Although it works for "Complete" so it is a bit of a puzzle. –  w3d Feb 19 at 0:49

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