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I'd like to get information out of the Google Analytics API about the HTTP status codes returned by my application.

For example:

  • For a given date range, I'd like to know how many 404 responses were returned.
  • I'd like to filter only pages that were returned with a 200 code - excluding error pages.

Is this possible with v3 of the Analytics API? I've been reading through the reference manual but I can't find a full list of all the dimensions and metrics that are supported.

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I know I could find 404 pages by filtering on the page title (e.g. if it contains "404") but that seems much less satisfactory than looking at the HTTP code. –  flossfan Feb 17 at 12:37
Sounds like you'd want a statistical package that reads your access and error logs (you can use more than one). –  dan Feb 17 at 17:11

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