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I have an Adwords MCC that I log into. I am the only one that can log into the MCC. Within the MCC, I have 3 linked Adwords Accounts. These are each, separate, standalone Adwords accounts that were created by clients.

During some testing I was doing, within my MCC, I clicked +Create Account and chose Adwords in order to add a new account to my MCC. Note: I am not linking an existing standalone account to my MCC. I am creating a new account within my MCC. I name this account Test Client 1.

Now that I have created my new account, I want to delete it because I only made it as a test. If I goto Arrange Accounts > Unlink Account(s) I get the following error:

This account must have at least one active user before you can unlink it.
Please invite a user to the account with "Administrative Access" or link
the account to another MCC before unlinking.

So how exactly do I add an active user to this account, Test Client 1? When I click the account and go into the details of that account, I do not see anywhere in the interface where you can add a user to the account.

If I go into my MCC preferences, here there is an Account Access page, which allows me to add a new user to the ENTIRE MCC account. But this gives the user access to the ENTIRE MCC. I don't want that. I just want to add a user to this one Test Client 1 account I made. There doesn't appear to be a way to give a user access only to a specific account within the MCC.

Just for the heck of it, I went ahead and invited a new user to the MCC with full Administrative Access. Now I have my login and this other login (a dummy @gmail address I made) that can access my MCC. There still does not appear to be a way to add a user to the Test Client 1 account I made so I can unlink it.

What am I missing here? How do I add a new active user to the Test Client 1 account?

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