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I want to sell private video content on my website.

What is the best way to create an online video-on-demand service with this requirements:

  • The video must be private and secure
  • Analytics
  • Must use a CDN
  • Flash video player

What's the best solution(s) for this? What web apps can I use to do this?


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Take a look at Vzaar which uses the EdgeCast CDN, Google Analytics, Flash to display and also you can limit the videos to play on certain domains so you could put it on a subdomain that only authenticated users can access. It also has the option of displaying an unbranded video.

Not all of these features are free, but I guess if people are paying to access them you can just factor in the cost into what you charge.


The requirement is simple and yet complex, its at the scale at which you want to deploy. If its just simple requirement with a bunch of videos and not many viewers looking at the same, your best option is to go for Wordpress + Vimeo Pro type of configuration which can be easily deployed at a very cost effective point for you. However this kind of solution has its disadvantages like -

-Your branding suffers
-Solution is not safe and secure (no drm)
-Monetization options like SVOD, TVOD, AVOD are limited
-You need to build and integrate your own payment gateway
-Studios will not license you content based on this configuration
-The solution is not scaleable

If you are looking out for a full Netflix like deployment you can have a look at Muvi (www.muvi.com) which is a cloud based, fully managed Video Solution that provides you everything you have listed above Out-of-the-box.

The solution includes IT Infrastructure, CDN, Video CMS, Online Video Player (HTML5), Transcoding Engine, DRM, Front End apps like Website, Mobile and TV apps all deployable at the click of a button.

All you need to do is signup, upload content, link your payment gateway, set your monetization plans (SVOD, TVOD) and go-live.

Muvi also offers a 14-days Free Trial, to signup and to learn more visit - www.muvi.com