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Can somebody please advise why www.website.com/?p=1 comes up with Site Removal rather than Webpage Removal when I submit the URL in Webmaster Tools?

It is the Hello World! post that came installed with WordPress and the site description is the old 'we are currently working on our site..."

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Because it's a root level query parameter URL (/?p=) and not a search engine friendly URL that Google WMT would be able to detect is a directory/page.

You'd be better off setting your permalinks on your website to show friendly URL's such as /page1 instead of /?p=1 and then you can specify Google not to index URL's with the query parameter ?p= in Google WMT.

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Some URLS with parameters submitted to the removal tool and returning as site removals seems to be a current bug with the removal tool.

You can redirect it, amend the content, set a canonical tag or add to parameters in webmaster tools, but whatever you do will take time for Google to recrawl and work out the changes.


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