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I want to add www in front of a subdomain e.g.

My blogs are hosted on Blogger and am using GoDaddy for having custom domains.

I have HOST @ entries for 'domain' pointing specified by blogger. The following subsdomains are configured by adding CNAME alias as follows:

subdomain ->
www ->   

For domain (including www.domain) I have one blog. For subdomain, I am pointing it to seperate blog using above entries and works fine.

I read articles on this issue and tried adding following CNAME entry but no luck:

www.subdomain  ->

How do I make work ?

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I'm not familiar with this "arrow" -> syntax you're using but a CNAME record should point to an A record, not another CNAME: CNAME – Digital Chris Feb 10 '14 at 18:36

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As you mentioned GoDaddy the subdomains there can be managed using web control panel - as enabled using Hosted Domains link in the menu using Add Subdomain link, see more here

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