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I have a dashboard on which I want two widgets:

  • Widget one: A statistics widget with the count of unique visitors that did not fire any event actions.
  • Widget two: A statistics widget with the count of unique visitors that did fire specific event actions.

Widget two was a piece of cake:

  • Statistics: Unique visitors
  • Filter: Only show Event action, with regular expression: (action1|action2|action3)

But I can't seem to get widget one to work, I tried the same setup as two but as regex: .+ and exclude instead of only show. This would seem to me like it would exclude all unique visitors with any event action? Instead it shows results in 0 visitors.

Edit: Oh, and it is important that the widget actually exclude any event action, not just the action1, action2 and action3 from the other widget.

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Does the regex work with include to show you a subset of your visitors, or with an include does it show you all your visitors? – Stephen Ostermiller Jan 17 '15 at 11:12

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