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Our site is using Greek characters for some pages. So in Webmaster Tools -> Crawl -> Crawl Errors, the URLs are shown in a format like:


Other people told me that they see in their computers URLs with Greek characters and not by "percent" encoding.

I tried a lot of setup in different browsers, but didn't have any success.

Is there any way to see them properly in Google Webmaster Tools?

(I am using Win XP, if that matters ...)

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By "see them properly", do you mean see these URLs with Greek characters in your web browser, in Google Webmaster Tools, or something else? –  dan Jan 27 at 15:54
Yes, I would like to see the Webmasters' list with Greek characters and not % coded. Because in order to see the urls that google found an error, I have to click (one at a time) the list entries, then click into the "Server Error" popup window that has a "copy" of the url (again in % coded), and finally wait for the browser to see the "decoded" url. But if I re-directions in .htaccess include that error, I see the new url and not the initial. So at the moment I download the list, insert it in an Excel, and then run a macro (in VBA) that translates the % coded urls. –  AlexKots Jan 31 at 23:26

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