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Whenever I visit the Admin page of my WordPress site, I always find about 1000 new spam messages waiting there for me.

The question is what is the motivation for people (or bots) to spam a site with comments when its obvious that anti-spam WordPress plugins are bound to catch them and filter them out?

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Not everyone uses that plug in. When it's automated you've got nothing to lose. – John Conde Jan 24 '14 at 15:43

Regarding SEO, the motivation of spammers is to take advantage of your site to earn SEO value (by posting a link) to their sites.

Here are possible reasons you get spams you're talking about:

  1. spam from human
    A spammer can try to put a link to his website by posting a comment to see if your site auto-validate comments (if not, this spammer very probably won't come back to your site)

  2. spam from bots
    Spam from bots generally come from automatic software which get some URL from the web (by searching for a keyword entered by a spammer) and put comment on all found URLs. On this case, the spammer try to use a generic text to comment all these URLs and don't analyze target websites. If the spammer is lucky, your site auto-validate comment or Akismet don't detect the ocmment as spam or you validate the comment. In that case, the spammer get a link. If the spammer is unlucky, the comment is considered as spam and won't never be published but whatever! By using a software (bot), the spammer try to get a link from so many URLs on a little time. And the problem is the spammer always get some links with this kind of techniques.

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