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So I've been waiting 8 days now for Google to verify my domain, I'm on their 2 step process.

Welcome to AdSense Your account is just one step away from being fully activated. Click the button below and you'll be guided through these last actions on your end: You've successfully created an ad unit Place the ad code on.

The "You've successfully created an ad unit" has a tick by it, but "Place the ad code on http://mywebsite.co.uk" has no tick.

I've added my code to my live site on the home page and other pages, I can see the iframes being loaded but not ads.

I still have the big red warning bar that my site is still under review but I assumed it only gets reviewed once it has detected the ad code on my page, which it hasn't at the moment.

I'm also getting

Our crawler was unable to access your page to determine its content and display relevant ads. When our crawler can’t access the content, often we won’t show ads resulting in lower revenue and coverage. Other times, we’ll show ads that are irrelevant resulting in lower CTR. Follow the links in the ‘How to fix.’ column to correct these errors and improve AdSense performance.

And my robots.txt:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /wp-admin/
Disallow: /wp-includes/

Sitemap: http://example.com/sitemap.xml.gz
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You have a DOCTYPE in the middle of the page with a second set of<html> and <body> tags. It is possible that is confusing the javascript that inserts the ads. –  Stephen Ostermiller Jan 23 at 12:28
@StephenOstermiller Ah yes thanks, literally just noticed that myself, got rid of it with some regex for now as the content is being generated with some php. –  UzumakiDev Jan 23 at 12:34
@StephenOstermiller BTW the issue still persists. –  UzumakiDev Jan 23 at 12:51
Has your ad code been modified in any way ? Google to the best of my knowledge does not provide any of their ads using iframes - Using iframes to display Adsense Ads or modifying the Ad tag is also prohibited. –  Analog Jan 23 at 14:39
@Analog Thanks, but I have not modified any of the code. –  UzumakiDev Jan 23 at 14:44

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