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I installed "AVG internet security", opened a page in internet explorer, and AVG complains about "Exploit Blackhat SEO (type 1703)" for object name

Action sports stock footage

with no further details. (Note that I have not written this page. It seems to have been written in the distant past by several different persons.)

When I look at the html source code, I do not notice anything unusual. But then again, I do not know what I should look for or change to satisfy AVG.

I tried

Sucuri SiteCheck

with the results

Security report (No threats found):
check       Blacklisted:    No
check   Malware:    No
check   Malicious javascript:       No
check   Malicious iFrames:  No
check   Drive-By Downloads:     No
check       Anomaly detection:      No
check       IE-only attacks:        No
check   Suspicious redirections:        No
check   Spam:   No

The links toward the bottom of the HTML page such as http://clips.actionsportsstockfootage.com/sdf_clip.php link to a different server but at the same domain.


How do I solve the issue?

In the meantime, I have sent a report to AVG at their AVG Incorrect page rating report page.

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Probably best to wait for AVG to reply to you directly from the report you sent them. I visited the website and did not get any warning of malware. –  zigojacko Jan 23 at 11:31

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