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My website has the Swedish TLD but is focused on a Dutch audience. Google sees it as Swedish. So I have to transfer from Bloei.se to Bloeise.nl. I see the following steps and have some additional questions:


  • Get my backlink profile

  • Change or ask for changes on any links I can

  • Implement 301's for the best links I can't change.

Would I also need 301's for links shared on G+? Can I transfer the pluses my page got or do I have to start all over?

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Thanks Stephen. I checked before posting but not good enough. Thanks for the help! – Thomas Lapperre Jan 21 '14 at 10:42

If you have a Google+ page that you have setup then you can simply change the domain name of that page to the new site to preserve the +1's, if this has been done soley on the domain name and not to an existing Google+ business page then there is no way at this time to preserve the +1's across a domain name change.

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