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Will adding the UA code of the live site to a revision site affect anything adversely? They are, technically, two different sites with different metrics. I don't want to lose the old data when I initiate the new site, of course. I would also like to work on setting up the new analytics page while the revision site is in development.

Does anyone have any good workflows on setting up a revision site without losing old site data?

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I'm not entirely sure I follow but why add the Google Analytics to the demo site? Can't you just leave the Analytics tracking off the demo site and then when your new site goes live just use the same tracking code? –  zigojacko Jan 19 at 12:08
Geoff, I wanted to make sure that things were working on the demo site. Google Analytics was going through a weird transition phase there for a moment. I wanted to make sure the new Universal Analytics was working. I don't know if you know, but Jetpack plugin on Wordpress sites wouldn't work on local sites. It had to be on a live server. I suspected something like that was going on with GA. It turned out that that was not the case. Thank you for you comment anyway. –  Josh Smith Feb 18 at 3:52
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