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I've got a concept for a barter deal bulletin board and would like to know how feasible is it to implement the concept with phpBB. The main differences from a typical forum are the following:

  • Users create threads by filling in forms. Images can be uploaded during this stage as well.

  • When threads are viewed, the data and images are displayed.

  • One thread can be submitted as a response to another.

  • Users can view summaries of response thread data in the original thread view, as well as navigate to the views of the response threads.

  • Thread creator can accept or deny one or multiple response threads from inside the original thread view. The acceptance status can be viewed from the original thread view as well.

  • Response threads can have their own response threads.

  • If a user has received a thread reply to his thread and accepted it, he, as well as the response thread creator can also send a request bound to the thread pair to moderator.

  • A moderator can be assigned to a pair of an original thread and a response thread

I would like to learn the feasibility of implementing these features by extending the basic phpBB functionality:

  • Is it possible?
  • How difficult is it?
  • Will the implementation be non-user-friendly?
  • Are any of the mentioned features already built into phpBB?
  • Are there any good phpBB extensions that would help implementing these features?
  • Is using phpBB or other module over standard PHP for this at all a good idea?

Please inform if more clarification is required.

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