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I have a .com domain, and I want to target specific countries and cities.

Is it possible to target a specific city audience?

For example: I want to do SEO for only some selected cities like: New York, Los Angles, Las Vegas, London, Sydney, Delhi and Paris.

How can I target specific cities? How do I find proper keywords for it?

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Target keywords containing the city name in it. Eg: 'cleaning service in New York'. Only New York residence who need that service will search for this keyword. So You can get more city based traffic. Include the city in keyword and do the keyword research.

If you are doing SEO for local business also concentrate on Google listings. Your business will show up in search results.

If you want to get traffic from a country. It is advised to choose their country level domain name Eg: 'name.in (india) name.com.au (Australia)' etc... People from the particular country will find their country level domain and if they are looking for a local result they will click on your website and will increase your click through rate.

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