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If you create relative links in Blogger, it tends to automatically convert them into absolute links or to add http:// in front of the URL.

Is there any way to prevent this?

Update: I have reported this to the Blogger forum as an issue. Let's hope Google will fix it.

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Maybe webapps.stackexchange.com would know? –  Chloe Jan 10 at 1:03
Not sure if this is still working, but have a look at: Templates - Making relative links work. –  dan Jan 10 at 3:03
Just out of curiosity... why do you want the links to stay relative? –  Osvaldo Jan 10 at 16:09
Because sometimes, you need to move posts around (import/export them). Or, a blog's url may change. This has an impact on link juice and page rank. There is a <base> tag to solve this, but Blogger breaks it... which forces one to implement redirects, which is more complicated than necessary. –  JVerstry Jan 10 at 18:53
Have you tried an explicit relative url (./rest/of/url.html)? The post you link to only has the implicit relative url (rest/of/url.html). Or do they process the ./ out as well? –  Nick Jan 13 at 18:55

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