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How would I go about configuring my web server to handle a domain that's already configured using DNS to then redirect it to a folder?

My friend pointed his domain to my forums at: When you visit the first page, it's displaying a blank white page.

Do I have to redirect it using .htaccess?

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The webserver must be configured correctly so it knows how to respond to a request for a specific URL. If you're running an Apache webserver (the most common one) you can find more information about this in the apache documentation.

If that is working, you may refer to this question in order to redirect all requests to the other domain.

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Apache must be configured in order to accepts the requests coming from the hostname and consider them an alias for

You can accomplish it by changing the virtual host ServerAlias directive to include as alias of your forum hostname.

Unfortunately, this is not possible unless you have access to the webserver configuration. Thus, if you have a shared hosting, you need to contact your provider to see if they can configure it for you.

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