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I'm not sure how familiar some of you are on Invision Power Board(IPB). However this question someone includes their forum system.

We currently host multiple servers with multiple web servers among other servers for various uses. One of which is a web server we setup using iRedMail.com

We can login and send/receive email's just fine, however we are trying to setup SMTP for our forum(IPB) to send validation emails, email change requests, newsletters, etc.

As of right now, when I try to send a test email through the forum i get the error: "Could not open a socket to the SMTP server (0:)".

It seems as if IPB is giving out the error code 0 but it doesn't actually exist.

I'm almost positive the information for the server is correct, because it reaches the server and then I'm lost after that.

Everything is running on the mail server so I'm not sure why it's unable to open a socket the server.

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