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Does the Google spider knows how to render JavaScript, or only HTML?

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Apparently it does, some, according to Matt Cutts:

"For a while, we were scanning within JavaScript, and we were looking for links. Google has gotten smarter about JavaScript and can execute some JavaScript. I wouldn't say that we execute all JavaScript, so there are some conditions in which we don't execute JavaScript. Certainly there are some common, well-known JavaScript things like Google Analytics, which you wouldn't even want to execute because you wouldn't want to try to generate phantom visits from Googlebot into your Google Analytics".

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+1 for quoting from the horse's mouth. –  alex Nov 19 '10 at 13:07
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You mean interpret JavaScript? It does request the JavaScript files.

And I'm pretty sure it does, to some degree.

T.J. Crowder's answer confirms this.

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It does, partly, as a quick Google search reveals:

Still Google is relatively quiet on what the bot exactly understands.

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