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Checking out my Google Analytics I see I am getting a good amount of hits from a language just called 'c'.

This normally wouldn't bug me, but all these 'c' hits have a 100% bounce rate. As these account for about 1/3 of my unique visits this has distorted my overall bounce rate overview.

Does anyone know what these 'c' visits are? Are these bots?

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It's almost certainly bots. There is a question on StackOverflow that deals with this and the short answer is that it's a misconfigured environment variable. Anything that registers that high of a bounce usually indicates a bot. Or it indicates your site is really terrible (which I doubt).

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Most of my technical websites have a 100% bounce rate. People search for one thing, read that one page, and leave. (Once in a while clicking on an ad.) – Alexis Wilke Dec 28 '13 at 23:59

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