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I have a problem with duplicate content on my blog, according to webmaster tools (GWT) I have 828 duplicate title tags and 835 duplicate meta descriptions.

Looking through the duplicates I noticed most are paginated archive pages of the same tag, category, etc. (page/2/, /3/, etc..)

My blog runs on WP so I installed the Yoast seo plugin and set it to noindex these archive pages. Checking the head of my archive pages they now have a meta `name="robots" content="noindex,follow". I also used the plugin to make some post titles unique (I had a few posts that had the same title) After three days, the posts that I had written unique titles for disappeared from the GWT dashboard, but the paginated archive pages are still there. GWT says "Last updated Dec 23" so Google should have crawled my page.

My question is, is there a chance Google needs to do a "deep crawl?" before the paginated archive pages are unindexed? Or is it more likely I'm configuring the SEO plugin wrong?

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Last crawl doesn't reflect last update... it can take one, two and even a dozen crawls until it reflects this changes in either GWT and Search results. Google doesn't crawl every single page, if you have 800 pages it'll take some time... possibly months (varies on the importance Google believes those pages are). –  bybe Dec 25 '13 at 21:28

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