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When having a web hosting solution from OVH that includes their Content Delivery Network (CDN), and the OVH web hosting + OVH CDN are correctly configured, the HTTP headers of the served web site are changed.

An example:

X-Cacheable: Not cacheable: no-cache
X-CDN-Geo: lag

One of the headers is the "X-CDN-Geo" that tells the geographical location of the server that actually serves the file.

Is there a list available of all OVH CDN-Geo locations?

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Couldn't find such an OVH CDN HTTP Geo header list.

So I started to create one using webpagetest.org and Internet search engines:

X-CDN-Geo: ams == Amsterdam, Netherlands
X-CDN-Geo: ash == Ashburn, Virginia
X-CDN-Geo: atl == Atlanta, Georgia
X-CDN-Geo: chi == Chicago, Illinois)
X-CDN-Geo: dal == Dallas, Texas
X-CDN-Geo: fra == Frankfurt, Germany
X-CDN-Geo: lag == Los Angeles, California
X-CDN-Geo: lon == London, United Kingdom
X-CDN-Geo: mad == Madrid, Spain
X-CDN-Geo: mil == Milan, Italy
X-CDN-Geo: nwk == Newark, New Jersey
X-CDN-Geo: par == Paris, France
X-CDN-Geo: sea == Seattle, Washington
X-CDN-Geo: snj == San José, California
X-CDN-Geo: tor == Toronto, Canada

Note #1: Amsterdam and London seem to be down, they were found using search engines, but currently not included at webpagetest.org.

Note#2: Miami, Warsaw, Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong don't seem to be live: they were not found in search engines neither used at any of the webpagestest.org locations.

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