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When I directly access subdomain.mydomain.com by entering it in the browser's address bar, Google Analytics Realtime Overview indicates that top referral is mydomain.com.

I'm sure that I'm the only visitor of my website at that moment (It is just one visitor from my location).

I expect that it should indicate for Top Referral: There is no data for this view.

What is the cause of this behavior?

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This is known as a "self-referral" and is to be expected, as indicated here:

If your Google Analytics implementation is configured to measure sessions across multiple domains and/or subdomains, a marginal level of self-referrals may be natural.

As also indicated, there may be many different scenarios that can lead to a self-referral.

If you're interested in determining what these might be, follow the guide there under "Determining the origin of self-referrals" and "Common causes and solutions for self-referrals".

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