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I have a question about social referrals in Google Analytics:

Firstly, When I go here: Acquisition -> Channels -> Social

a significant portion of my Social Networks is recorded as "not set". Why is this ?

Secondly, which is more reliable for gauging social media referrals: Acquisition -> Channels -> Social or Acquisition -> Social -> Overview

The figures in both sections are different.

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Acquisition reports group data from various channels, so that's why the Overview in Social reports has different numbers. Look at Admin ~ Channel Grouping (see attached screen). The default setup might not be the best and most precise for your web, so have a look at the setting and adjust if needed.

The reason you might see (not set) value in your reports is that some of your campaigns are probably not tagged correctly. URL Tag Builder tool by Google might be of help in such case.

enter image description here

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