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I am at a crossroads. I have received an offer for my domain name that I am likely going to accept.

It's something that has not been under active development for a long while, but still has some active users. The website also has a mobile app with some active users. I considered buying an alternate domain but I don't think it's going to be possible for me to continue with the project once I do this. The project has 0 revenue.

How can I best communicate that the site is shutting down, both from a messaging and also PR standpoint?

Any insight would be very valuable to me.

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Make a 'Officially Closed' layout and upload it to your site and do the same thing with the phone app. – Hassan Althaf Dec 9 '13 at 5:32

Here is a blog post that Dan Blumenthal (a friend of mine) wrote about shutting down a long time project and website. I think that he handles the situation well.

  • Post about the shutdown fully explaining your reasoning on a blog so that people looking for the resource can figure out what happened after the fact.
  • Email your users explaining the situation
  • Allow a grace period for your users to retrieve any data from your system.
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Maybe you can consider to sell your domain name under the condition that the new owner will place a good looking message about your shutting down and a link to how to find your new domain and your apps:

  • a message in your wordings on his front page (or maybe somewhere else too),
  • with your (old/new) logo for better recognition,
  • in the px dimensions and font-size you prefer,
  • during a certain period (1 year, 1.5 year?),
  • and a juridical waterproof penalty if the new owner doesn't do it or removes the message before the period is ended.
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1) Buy a new domain. 2) Email all your users your new domain.

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