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Pre-registrations of second level domain names are open for a good number of the new gTLDs, and one can pre-register with many different operators.

But let's say I'd like to pre-register a myname.guru or myname.ventures or myname.family domain name through one of these pre-registrars (those are just examples of gTLDs that will be open to the public). What will happen the day these domains open for actual registration (after the sunrise period) if someone else in another country did the same thing with another pre-registrar ?

Is there a first-come first served rule ? Does it depend on the gTLD registrar who will be chosen or is there a general rule defined by ICANN ?

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Well, I got an answer from my registrar's support team (Gandi.net): it's a first come - first served rule when the domain is opened, and it depends on the speed or quality of the technical teams of your registrar who then has to register all their pre-registrations as fast as they can.

In other words, if Alice in the UK pre-registers alice.web with registrar A on January 1st 2013, and Alice in the States pre-registers alice.web with registrar B on May 1st 2013, the day the .web extension is opened it depends if A is faster than B to make the registration with the company who will then operate the .web gTLD. The dates of each pre-registration don't count.

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Thanks for updating the question! – dan Nov 29 '13 at 21:20

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