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I used the data highlighter in webmaster tools over 3 weeks ago to mark up some local business data, but there is still no structured data being detected in webmaster tools.

Does any body have any experience on approx how long it takes for Google Webmaster Tools to start reporting Structured Data that has been marked up with their data highlighter?

I'm asking specifically about reporting on it in Web Master Tools Structured Data section, as opposed to actually appearing in the SERPs.

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Sadly with anything Google there is nothing that is given in approx. time frames. This is because Google allocates resources to your site based on its authority and how busy their bot is. But in experience structured data normally appears between 1-6 weeks after the first index - it can take a few crawls before Google decides to display it within Google Webmaster tools, its also worth noting that Webmaster Tools is not real time compared and is often lagged behind to what your seeing in it's index, so basically Google may be away of your Structured data yet its not updated in WMT.

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As bybe mentioned, it can take a few weeks before your structured data begins to appear, and there have been some bugs in the reporting system lately. But one thing that you can do if you haven't already is use the Fetch tool in your Webmaster account to prod Google to go crawl your site again and notice the changes.

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