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I work for an ecommerce company and we have always had the problem where some of our customers claim they cannot checkout for some reason. This usually results in the CS department forwarding me the email or something, because it might be a technical problem on the site. (it never is - reasons range from customers not knowing how to work a website, to having viruses on their pc's, to javascript being disabled, etc).

My question is -- what are some good ways to attempt to handle the customers who cannot figure out the website for some reason? I don't simply want to take the attitude of "forget them, they are the minority of customers", since I'd like their business. There are many much larger ecommerce sites out there, and I'm sure they get their fill of these customer types too, what's their solution?

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Publish an FAQ section or a specific troubleshooter tutorial which you can point them to at first and any that still have an issue after this, deal with on a case by case basis to ensure excellent customer service still.

Each new instance you encounter which falls under 'user-error', just add this to your docs/tutorial.

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I worry about an ecommerce website that gives too much technical advice though - if I try to walk someone through enabling javascript, and it breaks their browser somehow (user misclicks), then they will blame us/me... – SnakeDoc Nov 14 '13 at 16:18
Point them to tools such as this one that will tell them if that is the problem or not perhaps... – zigojacko Nov 14 '13 at 17:33

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