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I'm seeing a severe drop off in Google impressions. See attached screenshot from Google Analytics:

GA screenshot

I haven't been able to attribute this to any changes on the site. As you can see, this started happening on Oct 21st. Does anyone know if this corresponds to a Google Search update? Otherwise, does anyone have any suggests for tracking down the cause? I'm pretty stumped.

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Have you looked at your Webmaster dashboard? – Prasad Nov 4 '13 at 4:10

Joe, if you only can detect a drop in impressions in hits originating from Google and no decrease in hits from other sources, then you can safely assume there is no problem with your site.

I'm sure you know that the Google algorithm changes frequently, and that sites are crawled and re indexed re ranked frequently. One thing that you can do that will probably not hurt and can commonly help, is to add content.

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Google algorithm could be the reason for sudden drop in Google Search visitors. Check all your backlinks and website's content quality. If you are getting backlinks from bad websites using link forming methods and if you are using duplicate content in your website then it may be the reasons.

Read this article for more useful information: http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2203688/Sudden-Search-Traffic-Drop-6-Questions-to-Help-Diagnose-the-Cause.

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