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A lot of people are complaining that my company's website www.justjus.com is being blocked by their organisations. Anyone that has tried to access our website from a large organisation has been unable to do so.

Is there any reason why this is and is there any way in which I can fix the problem?

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possible duplicate of How do I prevent a website being misclassified by Websense? – Andrew Lott Nov 9 '13 at 2:01

Websense has this advice on their website:

What you can do if you feel a website has been incorrectly categorized.

Ask your Help Desk or IT administrator to change a website's category (they can override the Websense category). You can also suggest that Websense researchers reevaluate a categorization by e-mailing suggest@websense.com.

So it sounds like you can have the people that are complaining talk to the their IT departments and have it fixed for them. You should also email Websense to let them know about the error.

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