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I bought a domain from GoDaddy. Let's call this domain

I've a hosting account at web hosting A with as my primary domain.

I created a sub-domain and I wish it to be pointed to my new hosting account.

This web hosting B also uses as the primary domain.

The main purpose of doing this is because I only want to use web hosting B to host my contents. That's all. Other content from * and will be remain at web hosting A.

How to do this?

Additional notes...

  1. I tried to add as an add-on domain to my web hosting B account. Unfortunately, I couldn't do that.

  2. I also tried to use URL forwarding method using DNS management service like DNS Social. It doesn't work.

  3. I'm using WordPress on the site. Both web hosting A and B running cPanel - Apache servers (shared hosting).

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Are you on a shared server? – w3d Oct 31 '13 at 9:40
@w3d yes. Any idea? – zulhfreelancer Oct 31 '13 at 15:53
Not sure... but if you are on a shared server then simply setting up A records (or CNAME records for that matter) won't work by itself. There needs to be something setup (ie. the subdomain) at Host B, but the main domain ( points to another server. I'm thinking that maybe Host B should be set up initially to use and not simply, since that already points elsewhere. (?) – w3d Nov 3 '13 at 12:56

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Go to the DNS manager in godaddy, edit the zone for, and create an "A" record that points to the IP address of the new host. You might have to use a CNAME record instead of an A record, but the process is very similar.

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You just need to point your subdomain to hosting B IP address. Please just login to your CP--> DNS setting--> find the A record and change it.

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