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I have installed WAMP on Windows server 2008 and put it online and it is working normally but I don't know much about it please help me with regards to blow issues:

1-how to optimize WAMP and Windows Server 2008 to perform better?

2-how to secure it WAMP and Windows Server 2008?

3-how to make performance better?

4-how to make response time fast?

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Add 64gb of RAM, multiple Xeon E7's and assuming your hosting at home put your box in a colo with a gigabit nic, that should take care of hardware performance. Now install APC, and Memcached. But really you're asking open ended questions. Is your application slow running on the web server, is Apache itself slow, is your server slow 1gb+-? Be specific with your question – Anagio Oct 29 '13 at 8:19