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I'm trying to determine the best possible schema.org type to declare for the content section in the template of a content management system, which will handle regular news posts for small, local hospitality businesses. The type should represent the content of that page, which is likely to be a wide range of things.

The description for Article pretty strongly encourages its use to be limited to the articles of a publication. For purely semantic reasons, I'm not sure if Blog is appropriate in this case -- businesses won't be creating typical "blog" content but are more likely to be writing about upcoming events, special deals, awards, etc. Would Webpage be appropriate in this instance?

Although I'm a fan of the schema.org concept, I frequently find myself unsure how broadly or narrowly I'm meant to infer the meaning of a type. In such cases, is it safe to use a high-level element, such as CreativeWork, or does this blunt the usefulness of the markup?

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I don’t think that http://schema.org/Article is limited to "articles of a publication". "Newspapers and magazines" (from the description) are just an example, not the only possible publication mediums. It is defined as:

An article

You even might consider the more specific http://schema.org/NewsArticle:

A news article

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