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I'm at my wits' end.

I have just ripped out a website and in the process of rebuilding everything.

Previously, the 'home page' of the website is a blog, with the address "www.mydomain.com/blog1.php".

After exporting everything, I deleted the whole directory, and -- based on request -- immediately create a blog/ directory. The idea is to get the blog back up as soon as possible, and temporarily redirect people accessing www.mydomain.com to the blog.

Accessing the blog via http://www.mydomain.com/blog/ works. So I put in an index.php file containing a (temporary) redirect to the blog's address.

The problem: The server insists on opening blog1.php instead of index.php. Even after we deleted all the files (including .htaccess). And even putting in a new .htaccess file with the single line of DirectoryIndex index.php doesn't work. The server stubbornly wants blog1.php.

Now, the server is actually a webhosting, so I have no actual access to it. I have to do my work via cPanel.

Currently, I work around this issue by creating blog1.php; but I really want to know why the server does not revert to opening index.php. Did I perhaps miss some important settings in the byzantine cPanel menu page?

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Try contacting them and asking them to restart the Apache service. I had a similar issue long back with shared hosting. I had to get them to restart the Apache web service. Something cached in the memory.

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Makes sense, although since it's a webhosting, I'm not sure they will do it. But thanks, anyway! Won't hurt to try :-) – pepoluan Oct 24 '13 at 10:59

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