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If I make a request to page.php (AJAX) with JavaScript from a HTTPS page, the request is automatically made ​​page.php directly with HTTPS or HTTP? If HTTP, how to send a request (to the same domain) with HTTPS with pure JavaScript?

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More information is needed to be 100% sure (code sample, framework, ...), but the likely answer is yes.

If you POST with a relative URL, then the same host/port as the current page will be used.

You can open Chrome/Firefox's inspector to see how the browser actually made the request.

If you give the browser an absolute URL, then you can specify the http/https in the URL.

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Someone edited my answer, but the comma they removed was not an optional comma in English. Please don't edit my answers to use improper grammar. – whitehat101 Oct 19 '13 at 23:53

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