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In my blog I publish articles with date below under it.

My questions are:

  1. Using dates will have positive impact or negative impact?

  2. After few years of publishing the post, since my post age is old will it remain in same position of search results or it will go down?

  3. Finally, should I use published dates or not?

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Here are my answers to your questions:

  1. Displaying published dates below your articles is not taken into account for SEO. The date taken in consideration for search engines is the indexing date.
  2. If your article is old and is not updated by adding new content (or optionally getting new backlinks), it will go down in search results (especially with Google who likes fresh content). That's why I encourage you to update your old articles content and let open comments on them to get content even more.
  3. Refer to point 1.
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You will see a boost in ranks at first but later on it will have decline in search results. However it can be reduced by giving quality consistent links to that article URL. The search results has more or less nothing to do with the date as Google consider its own indexing date while ranking.

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As Zistoloen mentioned above, displaying dates of the blog article won't affect your website in SEO point of view. Basically older posts always have lesser priority in Google Search results. But if your article is more perfect and more user readable then it will be in the 1st page of Google result. Additionally there is an advantage in displaying your article date that is, if you have site blog, then there is a possibility to show your article in Google News. For that you have to display the date and time of the article you published. So displaying the date of the article has more benefits.

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It is not very your website to show date in the article. When you post your article content should be more unique and interesting for users' interest it will help you in google search engine. Google will consider your quality content so try to more focus on content and quality.

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